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Association of Robot Integrators and High-Tech System Manufacturers

Welcome to the Future!

Welcome to the Association of Robot Integrators and High-Tech Systems Manufacturers.
You are introduced to a production technology family that will shape the future.
We are here for innovation, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

We Shape the Future

As a pioneer in high technology sectors, we are building a strong future together with our members and partners.

We Represent the Sector

We bring together the power of the sector and represent it on national and international platforms.

Technology and Collaboration

We move our industry forward with national and international collaborations and bring together production and advanced technology.

From Youth to the Future

Our Youth Council, Younglab, offers young minds the opportunity to shape the future with innovation and leadership.

Announcements and Events

our committees

Committee work is very important for the growth and development of our association. By joining the ROBODER family, you can both become a part of our family and contribute by taking part in committees that interest you.

Academy Committee

Universities develop mutual relations with institutions and organizations in the academic field and coordinate research, publications and events that will strengthen the sector with scientific data.

Global Activities Committee

It organizes events and collaborations in the international arena. Participates in fairs and organizations and develops collaborations. ROBODER focuses on global value-creating opportunities for its members and partners.

Expansion Committee

It regulates the recruitment of new members and partners within the scope of the association's charter and carries out activities aimed at healthy expansion and development. Creates the container profile of ROBODER.

Sector Committee

Conducts sector scanning activities. It carries out activities to map and document the sector in depth within a broad framework. Determines the needs of the sector

Member Relations Committee

Coordinates relationships between members and partners. It identifies the problems of the stakeholders and implements activities that will support the elimination of these problems in harmony with other committees.

Communications Committee

It organizes the association's communication with all stakeholders. It focuses on conventional and digital media management, event management and communication-oriented sectoral benefits.

Robot Integrators and High-Tech System Manufacturers Association ROBODER; It represents high-tech sectors and business areas that produce capital tools, robots and environmental elements and industrial technologies required for industrial production, and is a non-governmental organization that develops policies to reduce the negative effects of changing and differentiated commodities on society, humans and natural life.

Industrial based Robotics and Mechatronics Systems Manufacturers / Integrators

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Manufacturers and Integrators

Process Equipment and System Manufacturers Mounted on Mechanized and Robotic Systems

Intelligent Electromechanical System and Platform Manufacturers

Digital Transformation Technologies Manufacturers

Software Manufacturers for Production Management, Data Collection and Andon for Factories

Autonomous Systems Developers and Manufacturers

Special Machinery and Complex Systems Manufacturers

Industrial robots, various peripheral technologies for industrial robots

Integration technologies for robotic cell / station / line / system solutions

EOAT and various robotic equipment technologies

Control systems, sensors and IoT technologies that can be integrated into production systems

Mobile software, AR and VR based remote support and training technologies

Industrial machinery and robot safety technologies

Process technologies such as robot integrated or mechanized spot, MIG, MAG, TIG welding equipment, plasma and laser resonator etc.

CAD CAM software technologies, digital twin technologies

Electric/ electronic/ hydraulic/ pneumatic actuator and drive systems

Mold, apparatus and fixture systems for fastening, assembly and joining purposes

Mobile robots, AGV, AMR, ASR/S robots, mobile systems and platforms

Intelligent conveyor and transport systems

Autonomous systems, (UAV, UGV, UMV)

ROBODER is a member of Global Robot Cluster GRC and Turkish Machinery Federation MAKFED.

Manufacturing companies located within the borders of Turkey, including legal and real person organizations operating in the field of robotics and high-tech production systems, assembly production lines, production system integrations, job and purpose-specific automated machines, hardware and parts, automation programming and related software, can apply to ROBODER. They can become full members.

Younglab is a youth council established within ROBODER and consisting of university students under the age of 25. Click for more information and to apply.

To guide interested young people in this field and to add value and gains with innovative thoughts. To contribute to the development of young minds with planned trainings, seminars and programs and to provide information about the agenda by actively using social media channels. We can categorize these goals into 3 goal criteria;

1. Sector: To contribute to the integration of all universities and academia in our country with ROBODER and the sectors ROBODER represents, and to facilitate work in this context,

2. Job Areas: To support our young people’s easy access to industrial job areas based on industrial transformation,

3. Career Planning: To direct our young people to sector focuses for career planning after graduation.

First of all, it should be noted that there is no fee for participation in the Youth Council. Of course, the existence of a condition must be specified. The Council focuses on activities for the public good based on voluntary civil society activity.

There are 2 ways to join the council;

• As a delegate to the council management,
• By becoming a member of the council.

1. Participating in the Council management as a delegate:

Applications are accepted with the previously announced delegate recruitment forms. Some criteria are taken into consideration when determining these delegates:
• Volunteering is Essential
• One young woman and one young man delegate are accepted from each university.
• At least one delegate must be from the engineering department.
• It is our priority that students are educated in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades of universities.

2. As a member of the Council:

Members can follow the council and general ROBODER activities closely and have the right to participate in events.

Do You Want to Be One of Our Young Partners?

If you want to create an opportunity for yourself in the industry, you must first become a YoungLab member. The doors of this world will offer you great opportunities.

Organizations We Are Members Of


Global Robot Cluster, of which we became a member in 2020, and MAKFED, of which we became a full member in 2023, are important for the representation of our industry. We are proud to represent our members and our industry both nationally and internationally.

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