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by saiddagli

Founded in 2018 in Bursa, our association started its activities rapidly after holding its first general assembly. In 2019, our association reached 25 member companies and became a member of the Global Robot Cluster in 2020. After the establishment phase, which coincided with the pandemic process worldwide, it reached 40 member companies in 2021 and 52 members by mid-2023.

In 2022, the first steps were taken to both prepare young people studying at universities for the sector and to ensure the sustainability of the sector by establishing a structure called YOUNGLAB, which consists of young people and which we see as very important for the future of the sector.

In this period, we supported the WIN Eurasia Fair organized by HF Turkey for the first time and started promotional activities. We continue our efforts to make the Turkey Robotics and Automation Summit, which we organize as ROBODER, a meeting point.

At the end of 2022, with the decision taken at the end of the year, the appointment of the general secretary was realized with our representative office opened in Ankara. In this period, when new member activities were accelerated, ROBODER’s communication with Ankara-based state institutions started to strengthen. The application for full membership to the Turkish Machinery Federation was realized and other work was accelerated.

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